Energy Efficient Homes
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Where Energy Savings And Comfort Meet

Arizona Home Star facilitates the Home Performance with Energy Star Program through APS and SRP. We look for the most efficient and cost effective ways to save energy and reduce your utility bill. There are great rebates associated with this program. Take advantage while the rebates are available and sign up for a Home assessment today!

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Premium Home Insulation

Premium Insulation

We do a thorough check of the attic and the insulation in it. Many homes have less than sufficient insulation, low spots, or areas with no insulation at all. Insulation is a very important aspect of energy savings.

Duct and Air Sealing

Air and Duct Sealing

The number one way to save money and improve the comfort of your home is to seal any leaks in the duct work. Duct leaks are essentially conditioning the attic costing you money and discomfort. Air sealing will keep the conditioned air in the living space where you want it.

Energy Audits - Blower Test

Energy Audits

Our energy audits feature a complete house assessment using sophisticated equipment performed by BPI certified analysts. The tests include blower door leak detection, gas leak detection, water heater safety performance, combustion appliance safety, and carbon monoxide testing.

Rebates for Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Saving Rebates

APS and SRP are offering significant rebates to save energy and the energy audit allows you access to them. There are rebates for duct sealing, air sealing, and insulation. The payback on a typical retrofit is less than two years and in some cases less than one year.

* A $400 value available through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program sponsored by APS and SRP utility companies.